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Customers' personal experience with

AO Life.

Image by Icee KC

Janis, 45, sleeping disorder cured, more beautiful skin.

After only 3 days taking AO Life I noticed the soreness in my neck and shoulder were GONE and no more sleep disturbance! After one month of daily AO Life I also realized my skin became more radiant and smooth with lighter pigmentation.

Image by Steve Halama

Kai, 41, chest discomfort cured, higher energy levels.

I had been experiencing chest pain for a few months, especially when doing exercise and during deep breathing. After taking AO Life for only 2 weeks, I was surprised that the pain is no longer there! Now I can continue to do more regular exercise and I also feel more energetic throughout the day. It's simply a lifesaver!!!

Working from Home

Ana, 32, joint pain and stiffness cured.

After taking AO Life for one week, all my shoulder pain and stiffness that I had felt for years due to sitting the whole day at the office are no longer there!!! This premium antioxidant is really amazing and has helped me tremendously in my daily life.

Xu, 41 sports recovery improvement, no post-exercise body pain.

I like to work out often and I perform more than 20km cycling. AO Life's sports recovery is amazing. Usually, I would feel aching throughout my whole body on the next day after an intensive work-out. Drinking AO Life before and after the work-out, I almost do not feel any aching at all the next day!

Mountain Biking by the Lake

Ling, 33, wrist ache, higher energy levels, better skin.

I have been experiencing wrist pain for more than a year. After TCM treatments the Chinese physician told me I would have ongoing pain for the rest of my life, impossible for full recovery. To my surprise, after drinking AO Life for 2 weeks, there was no pain anymore! I can turn my wrist and do my daily tasks better. 


I also sleep better now, feeling more energetic and my skin complexion has improved. 

Avatar 102

Lisa, 47, Joint pain, greater energy and younger skin.

AO Life is a lifesaver!! I have experienced so many amazing benefits. It was a great energy booster when I was providing intensive care to my aging dog allowing me only 3-4 hours rest every night. My face complexion now looks younger and radiant. My dark eye circles and freckles have lightened and I had less visible fine lines. Most importantly, it has tremendously helped to reduce my joint aching and stiffness problems since I started 1 month ago. 

I simply love AO Life as it's also a safe and all-natural process!

Woman on Bridge
Enjoying the View

Mdm. Ng, 67, body aching cured. Black nail pigmented lines lightened.

I started drinking AO Life a few months ago, and now I can't live without it. I used to have trembling hands, body ache after walking too much, or doing household chores. Now I do not have these issues anymore. Furthermore, the black pigment lines in my nails, have lightened so much and it looks healthier. AO Life helps me so much in my daily life - I feel healthier and more energetic to do my daily household chores.

Avatar 108

Andre, 35, muscle recovery.

I play basketball once a week with my friends and I used to feel my whole body aching after every session. After taking AO Life, I do not feel the aching after every intensive basketball session and I also feel more energetic now to cope with my daily hectic work schedules.

Coffee Break

Li Jing, 28, acne cured.

I recently experienced a heart wrenching first-ever outbreak of acne all over my face, impossible to cure even after months of using many cleansing methods. Within two weeks of taking daily AO Life I noticed a dramatic improvement of my facial skin. By one month it was totally gone! Thank you AO Life, I still continue to take you every day even now!

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