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Why do I need antioxidants?

The stresses and strains of daily living – from air pollution, food chemicals from harmful fertilizers and pesticides, stress, poor sleep habits, excess body weight, and familial genetics – produce unhealthy molecules in the body known as free radicals. Free radicals are unstable because they lack a vital electron, which they must then “steal” from healthy body tissues in order to regain stability, thus resulting in poor health, tissue damage, genetic damage, and even cancer. This damage is known as oxidative stress. Antioxidants prevent oxidative stress tissue damage by donating free electrons to free radicals, thus rendering them harmless to our bodies, and restoring balance to our body tissues and organs.

What is a free radical?

A free radical is an atom or molecule in the body that is missing a single electron from its molecular structure, thus rendering it unstable and potentially dangerous. It can only become stable by finding a single electron somewhere, most often by “stealing” it from some normal tissue in the body, such as the liver or blood or intestinal lining. This may cause irreparable damage to that donor tissue, sometimes even resulting in permanent genetic (DNA) damage, known as oxidative stress, or even cancer. [1]

What is the premium antioxidant compound in AO Life extract?

AO Life contains hydroxytyrosol, which is the most bioavailable (meaning what you swallow actually reaches your bloodstream and body organs!) antioxidant on the market today. In addition, as an added totally-natural bonus, it contains another tremendously important and closely related antioxidant, oleuropein, scientifically proven to help prevent cancer and other major diseases. Hydroxytyrosol has been scientifically proven and published in major journals around the world to prevent heart disease, cancer, stroke, heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and in particular, it slows down skin aging and protects skin dermal collagen from permanent damage due to harmful UV and LED device light rays. [2]

How much dietary antioxidant do I need daily?

Our body requirement of antioxidants varies from individual to individual, depending on our familial genetics (inherited traits from our parents), lifestyle, residential location, diet, activity level, and body fat content. If your body weight is ideal (BMI < 25), and if you exercise daily, don’t smoke or drink, and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, a single daily dose of AO Life with 140 milligrams minimum hydroxytyrosol and derivatives will suffice to keep you healthy and to ward off potential disease. On the other hand, if you have any personal or family history of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol or blood pressure, OR if you do not exercise AND/OR if you are overweight (even a little excess belly fat is too much) AND/OR you live in a city and are exposed to air pollution or cigarette smoke, then 2 to 3 vials daily will better serve your personal preventive health needs. If you choose to take more than one vial of AOLife per day, then each vial should be taken at 6-8-hour intervals between each bottle in order to maximize your antioxidant benefits.

I am young, I feel fine, and I take no medication. Can I benefit from taking AO Life regularly?

If you are a woman or man of any age, there is no doubt that facial skin complexion and appearance are important to you. Any man or woman will reap the scientifically proven skin-saving and collagen-promoting benefits [3] [4], by taking a daily dose of AO Life (see FAQ Number 15 below for more a more detailed description). For general health concerns, there are very few adults who have no current or genetically risky future health risks, including personal or family history of cardiovascular disease (such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol), diabetes, obesity, and cancer. The future risks from all of these conditions may be improved naturally with just 1-3 vials of AO Life per day, no matter what your age. [5]

Can I just take AO Life once in a while or should I take it regularly?

Antioxidants such as AO Life help to eliminate harmful free radicals in the body. These free radicals do not cause overnight damage and disease – they work in a slow and insidious fashion, every minute of every day to cause a cumulative result. Therefore, it is important to provide routine everyday coverage from such oxidative stress due to free radicals, and that is the benefit derived from taking a best-in-class antioxidant all-natural supplement like AO Life, containing the wonder-food, hydroxytyrosol.

Is AO Life safe?

The short answer – absolutely yes! AO Life is 100% natural, composed of the potent natural elements that comprise the Mediterranean Diet, prolonging life and reducing the risk of the most common and deadly diseases. There are no side effects, no potential risks. Every batch of AO Life is stringently tested for microbes, heavy metals, toxins, pesticides, and chemicals. You won’t find a safer and more reliable and proven antioxidant health product on the market today!

What will I feel when I take AO Life?

Since AO Life is more powerful than any antioxidant you will have experienced, it is best to sip the first several vials in water or another beverage slowly. Many people experience a heightened burst of well-being or enhanced energy, but this varies from individual to individual. In many cases you may feel nothing in particular, but do not be concerned because liquid AO Life hydroxytyrosol is most rapidly uptaken with greatest peak concentration in your body of any antioxidant supplement on the market today – with greater than 90% bioavailability – in order to eradicate free radicals in 100% of people. [6]

Where can I buy AO Life?

AO Life is available online at You may purchase a single monthly supply box of 28 vials of AO Life but to best enjoy the health-promoting effects of AO Life you should take it on a long-term daily basis. You may purchase AO Life at a considerable discount on a subscription basis ranging from 3 months to 12 months in duration.

Why are there 28 vials per package?

AO Life was Designed by Nature to protect your heath and help you live longer by scavenging and eliminating free radicals that cause oxidative stress. These free radicals occur on a regular daily basis. Once you take a daily dose of AO Life you are covered for the duration of that day. However routine daily life activities will re-ignite those oxidative stress processes the very next day – and all future days, which is why we provide the convenient monthly supply box for you, and why we offer premium savings up to 20% off when you subscribe to AO Life on a multi-month or even better, on a yearly basis.

When is the best time of day to take AO Life?

AO Life was Designed by Nature to accompany you in your daily rhythm of everyday life. We are all made differently, with different nutritional requirements. For this reason, you should take AO Life during the time of day when you are most active, even 1-2 hours before being most active, in order to be able to best eradicate your maximum body free radical production. For some of you who lead busy lifestyles throughout the day, this could mean taking even 2-3 vials per day spaced at your convenience throughout the day. AO Life can help to kickstart your morning with a nice antioxidant boost. In the evening it will not interfere with sleep whatsoever.

Can AO Life help me to lose or control weight?

Yes! AO Life contains the potent polyphenol hydroxytyrosol which is scientifically proven to inhibit the process of body fat accumulation, known as lipogenesis. [7] It also increases the breakdown of belly fat, a process known as lipolysis. In addition, AO Life also mimics the body levels of sirtuins, thereby mimicking the effects of calorie restriction which occurs during dieting, in essence giving you the same effect of dieting even though you do not actually restrict calorie intake. These three effects – less fat accumulation, more fat burning, and mimicking dietary calorie restriction – all produce a pronounced effect on body weight loss and weight control. [8]

Can AO Life be mixed with fruit juices or other drinks?

Yes, it certainly can! You can practically mix it with any beverage of choice, both warm and cold. The heat will not destroy the natural goodness of AO Life polyphenols. Try it with hot or warm water – it makes a very pleasant tea-like beverage, one of Dr. Mac’s favorite recipes!

I'm taking other health supplements. Is it safe to take AOLife with other supplements?

Yes, you certainly can take AO Life with any other natural health supplement. There are no adverse interactions between hydroxytyrosol and other AO Life polyphenols and other natural or man-made health supplements. We recommend of course that you carefully scrutinize the other supplements you are taking to be sure they are safe and that they are proven like AO Life to provide real health benefits.

Can I take AOLife together with my other medication?

AO Life is an all-natural way to provide health benefits for the body, even though it is totally Designed by Nature. For this reason, AO Life can be taken in combination with other prescription medications, either at the same time or another time of day. There are no known cross-reactions or alterations of medications from the natural polyphenols of AO Life whatsoever, so you can enjoy the positive AO Life health benefits while under treatment for a specific medical condition.

What are the effects on facial skin and complexion resulting from taking AO Life?

AO Life has polyphenols that produce SUPER EIGHT DRAMATIC EFFECTS on your skin, particularly your facial skin. 1. ANTI-AGING. Skin aging can be directly measured by a naturally occurring skin chemical called b-galactosidase, which is responsible for destruction of the collagen framework that keeps your skin looking young. Daily treatment with AO Life hydroxytyrosol results in a 50% reduction in skin aging (50% decreased collagen-destroying b-galactosidase activity), meaning you can age half as fast as you normally would by just taking AO Life on a daily basis. [3] [4] 2. UV RAY DAMAGE PROTECTION. UV rays from the sun increases MMP gene skin-damaging activity – skin MMP is a naturally occurring substance that directly decreases the production of skin collagen. Hydroxytyrosol in AO Life suppresses this dangerous MMP skin genetic activity, scientifically proven to protect the deep skin fibroblast cells that produce collagen and elastin from sun UV ray damage, thus resulting in increased skin collagen thickness, more youthful skin plumpness, and fewer wrinkles.[9] 3. ANTI-INFLAMMATION. Skin cell inflammation is a major cause of aging, poor complexion, and wrinkles. Hydroxytyrosol exerts a potent anti-inflammatory effect on skin cells exposed to inflammatory agents such as free radicals, thus acting as a direct anti-aging agent. [9] [10] 4. BLUE LIGHT PROTECTION. The LED electronic device screens most of the planet thrives on all day every day from smartphones, tablets, computers, and TV sets all emit harmful blue light wavelengths. 60% of the world spend at least 6 hours a day in front of a digital device LED screen! Blue light is directly harmful to our skin because it damages the fibroblast skin cells in the skin dermis layer that produce collagen and elastin, thereby causing advanced aging and wrinkles. This is known as photoaging. Hydroxytyrosol protects the skin from harmful permanent damage from blue wavelength light exposure due to electronic device LED screens. Given our current lifestyle habits and the amount of time spent by the average person on smartphones, this may be the most important anti-aging effect from regular daily intake of AO Life. [11] 5. WHITENS YOUR SKIN! AO Life antioxidants increase a skin substance called glutathione. The function of glutathione is to increase the production of lighter pigmented pheomelanin, thus producing whiter skin. [12] AO Life also inhibits skin tyrosinase, thus blocking the production of darker eumelanin pigment. This produces whiter skin and also lightens skin blotches of hyperpigmentation. [13] [14] 6. FIBROBLAST LIFESPAN EXTENSION & TELOMERE PROTECTION. AO Life helps to preserve your all-important genetic telomeres, which are the tips of your chromosomes (like the aglet plastic cap tips of shoelaces) that are responsible for preventing skin and body aging. Just like the plastic cap prevents shoelaces from unraveling, longer telomeres provide greater lifespan of the crucial skin fibroblast cells that synthesize skin collagen and elastin, scientifically proven. [15] 7. INCREASES BODY VITAMIN C LEVELS. Vitamin C is absolutely essential for the synthesis of skin collagen. AO Life contains hydroxytyrosol, which taken on a regular basis DOUBLES your body’s Vitamin C levels, thereby helping to greatly increase the efficient synthesis of collagen in your skin, keeping you younger looking with thicker more plump skin. For those of you who take collagen peptide oral supplements, AO Life can play a vital role to promote the efficiency of your supplement by increasing the Vitamin C necessary for the peptides to make skin collagen. [16] 8. Anti-Acne Skin Effect. Acne is a common disfiguring and demoralizing inflammatory skin condition caused by a skin bacterium known as Propionibacterium acnes. AO Life Hydroxytyrosol has a proven and potent anti-microbial effect against these acne-causing skin bacteria [19].

I am very concerned about improving the strength of my immune system and protecting myself against viruses, especially the COVID-19 coronavirus. Can AO Life help me?

The answer is: YES!!! AO Life is scientifically proven to reinforce your immune system and to help protect you against viral infection. AO Life also doubles your body’s valuable pro-immune Vitamin C content, so no need to take any other vitamin supplement! In a world where there is no cure and no vaccine to protect us against COVID-19, AO Life can naturally help boost your immune system and protect you against dangerous viruses. [17] [18]


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