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Here for YOU are my very best Medical & Health Secrets—possibly the most valuable preventive health post you will ever read.

By: Dr. Michael McNamara

01 February 2021


On behalf of all of my colleagues and collaborators who have made me extremely proud with their tremendous efforts and accomplishments during these difficult COVID-19 times to bring our preventive health solutions to you, I now welcome you to the next great chapter in your life. Welcome to my world of amazing health, true medical prevention, and all-natural solutions to combat nearly EVERY common health problem you could ever expect to encounter!


My methods are based on the not-so-secret secrets whereby NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. No matter how healthy or unhealthy you may be, there is always room for improvement. There is always a better way to eat, to exercise, to live, to move, to think - to believe.


Please stay in touch with me, Dr. Michael McNamara, at this site for all my future regular posts and stories. I am 100% sure you will not regret it, either for you personally, or for someone you value dearly in your life. I personally guarantee that the information I am going to pass on to you, based on more than 30 years of actual medical practice with over 100,000 patients, will definitely provide major benefit to you and your loved ones.


My story. For those of you who do not yet know me, I am a medical doctor, fully educated in the United States—undergraduate university studies, medical school graduate at the internationally renowned University of Michigan Medical School, followed by internship in medicine and general surgery in wonderfully vibrant San Diego, California (where I also swallowed lots of Pacific Ocean water in my spare time learning to surf!), and subsequently (and finally!) specializing in diagnostic radiology and particularly in preventive whole-body MRI and CT scanning at the globally esteemed University of California San Francisco, the recognized world leader in medical imaging and diagnostic radiology research, with emphasis on the early detection of cancer and silent heart disease and stroke.


That seems like a lot of studies and it certainly was! But let me share a secret with you—I did not always want to become a doctor! As incredible as that may sound, it’s the simple truth. Although my personal story that got me to where I am today may seem like the classic case of ‘my Japanese mother wanted her son to grow up to be a famous doctor’, that is not the pathway I initially intended to follow (even though those were the exact wishes of my mother!).  


My parents met in Osaka, Japan, where my Japanese mother was born and grew up, and where my Irish-American professional baseball-playing father lived. They met by way of baseball—he invited her along with her girlfriend on a ‘date’ that turned out to be front-row seats at the baseball stadium where he was the star player, even though my Mom didn’t even know he played baseball at all! For those of you who are not familiar with Japanese culture, baseball is HUGE there. After that ‘date’ one thing led to another, they married and I came along shortly thereafter, along with seven other brothers and sisters (yes eight of us!).


We eventually moved to the United States, but nevertheless Mom being Japanese and stubborn, incessantly ingrained into my head her conviction that I should grow up to become a doctor, not just a doctor, but a great doctor. ‘Not going to happen Mom, I want to play baseball just like Dad,’ I told her repeatedly, to her visible disappointment after each discussion.


Then one evening during my first year at The University of Michigan, where I had yet to decide what I actually wanted to pursue as my career (it’s quite flexible in the States, there’s no need to decide on a career or profession until the 2nd or even 3rd year of studies), I received a late-night phone call from my parents, which was definitely not good news.


‘Michael, we have bad news,’ I heard on the phone. Your grandfather (my Dad’s father) has just suffered a massive heart attack, complicated by a stroke. I was crestfallen. ‘Grandpa’ was a man I greatly Iooked up to like no other man in my young life. He was an educator by profession, a big strong man, silent by nature, but as wise as they come.


The next morning, I left Ann Arbor and drove 3 ½ hours due north where my grandparents lived in retirement and where my grandfather was hospitalized, to meet my parents and other family members.


‘Dad, what happened?’ I asked. How could my big strong grandfather and hero suffer such a major medical event as a heart attack? He seemed to be so tall and invincible, yet here he was looking so frail and mortal before me in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), all full of wires and tubes intended to save his life. After one week of full-on medical expertise and therapy, the hospital team of ICU doctors decided to ‘pull the plug’ because he was hopelessly comatose and unresponsive.


The doctors allowed us to say our goodbyes one by one, within the glass-walled ICU. As I held his hand to bid him farewell in full view of my family, something amazing happened that would shape the rest of my life—his beautiful deep blue eyes opened and he came out of the weeklong coma! You can certainly imagine my state of shock.


Even more surprising, he immediately said hello to me as if he was merely awakening from a casual afternoon nap, asking me how my university studies were going and what career did I eventually decide to pursue. I told him that I still had not decided what to do with my life (I had long since gave up on professional baseball since I saw how unhappy my father was after he was forced to give up playing professional baseball due to a major foot injury from a serious automobile accident), to which he replied, ‘Don’t worry at all Michael, there’s no hurry, just make sure you find a calling you are so passionate about that you would do it for a living, even without being paid.’


Those words still resonate in my mind. Shortly thereafter Grandpa slipped back into a coma, even as my parents and grandmother and family members looked on in wonderment through the glass ICU windowpanes, never to wake again. I was the last person he every spoke to. But—I was determined to not let his words go to waste!

Nobody in my family was able to explain why Grandpa had a heart attack, followed by a complicating stroke, and then died, at the not so ripe age of 68 years. There were no doctors or nurses in my family, not even in my neighborhood. My grandfather’s passing made no sense to me at all, so I started to look into it once I returned back to school. But there were no online databases or Internet back then. So, I made up my mind right there and then. There was only ONE WAY to seek the truth—I would attend medical school, become a medical doctor, become a cardiovascular disease researcher and medical MRI diagnostic expert, become a visiting clinical professor of medicine, write internationally famous research papers and medical textbooks, make groundbreaking medical discoveries, invent patented best-selling MRI contrast pharmaceuticals, deliver invited medical and health lectures in every continent and in over 40 countries all over the world, take care of some of the most famous and powerful patients in the world while also delivering my medical expertise to the economically unfortunate at no charge, become a team doctor for the iconic ‘Dream Team’ USA Olympic basketball team including Michael Jordan and for the AS Monaco Football Club, and finally, using my research experience and expertise I would then benefit the entire world via my own creations, by inventing naturally potent and proven antioxidant detoxifying health supplements.


That’s Chapter One of my life story. By no means is it the most important chapter. The following chapters will openly reveal my most treasured Dr. Mac’s Top Medical & Health Secrets. These are the tried and proven methods to get healthy, stay healthy if you are already fit, lose weight, avoid the risk factors for getting cancer, prevent heart attacks (by far that’s the greatest risk to die for nearly every person reading this blog post, men and women alike, myself included due to my poor family genetics), and to prevent stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, dementia, arthritis, and pretty much all other age-related and lifestyle-related diseases.


I will share with you ALL of my expertise on important matters such as:

  • What to eat. Which foods and beverages you should ALL be eating, and which foods and beverages you should ALL be avoiding.

  • How to exercise. Which exercises to do, which ones you should avoid.

  • Which health supplements are right for you? Moreover, which supplements should you avoid, and which ones are needlessly draining your pocketbook?

  • How to get a real health checkup that could save your life, as opposed to the underperforming mainstream medical checkups available at most hospitals and clinics today.

  • Antioxidants and free radicals.

  • Weight loss and weight control.

  • Stress management.

  • Detoxication.

  • Mindfulness.

  • And much, much more!


By all means, do feel free to post comments and replies below and to ask any health or medical questions that may come to mind. After all, this is your column just as much as it is mine!

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